Start your own business and Become an IPTV Reseller / Provider.

MagnumOTT offers you the opportunity to become an IPTV reseller with a panel that allows you to manage your own customer portfolio.

By becoming a IPTV Reseller  you entering the low competition market at the moment.

You can take advantage by becoming an IPTV RESELLER, the competition is very low and demand is higher than the market can handle so you just left the money on the table by not taking action on this chance.


Order Panel

You get a flexible panel that allows you to easily create and modify your customer accounts


Resellers can make their own DNS and sell under their brand. This means your clients will receive lines based on your dedicated address

Subscription Management

You can manage your subscriptions and your customers from a well-organized IPTV Panel.

Interesting price

Reseller pack prices are well studied to give you an interesting margin of gain, we have all types of core packs so you can sell the premium and the basic one.

Low Investment

You basically buy as you sell. Starting from 269USD for being a reseller, this is the cheapest IPTV reseller account with the same premium features.

Account Creation

You can create accounts for your new clients Easily.

Inteligent Accounting

You can check your balance at any time from your panel

Renewal IPTV

Renew the accounts of your expired customers via the IPTV panel.

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How to take advantage and start earning some big-cash from iptv

Iptv is the easiest business model and it's doesn't cost you the big budget to start seeing the profit, from your first sale you can beat +200% ROI.

Sell iptv to your friends , family , neighbors get the cashflow!!

Types of Reseller Panels

We offer 2 types of Reseller Panel we call them Red Panel & Green Panel

The Red Panel

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Check the pricing tables below, or hit the button

Red panel has only 12 months creating at the moment
12 months = 1 CODE

Price list



$ 269
10% OFF
Get Your Own Panel
Add, Edit, Delete users easly
You Can create Free Trials
Add codes Any Time You Want
24/7 HQ Support & Daily Updates
Support All Devices


$ 1100
30% OFF
Get Your Own Panel
Add, Edit, Delete users easly
You Can create Free Trials
Add codes Any Time You Want
24/7 HQ Support & Daily Updates
Support All Devices
Create Your Brand


$ 518
15% OFF
Get Your Own Panel
Add, Edit, Delete users easly
You Can create Free Trials
Add codes Any Time You Want
24/7 HQ Support & Daily Updates
Support All Devices

The credit based Panel

100% premium support for all users, Guaranteed!

Your own DNS

You will have the ability to make your own costume DNS link, and get extra features from the GOLD PLAN!

Become an IPTV Reseller Manager, and get extra features!

By becoming an Reseller Manager,You'll have the ability to ADD sub Resellers so you offer them Reseller service! and more features. 

Supporting partners 

Take The Chance

IPTV is the Future of The Entertainment and Television

By becoming iptv reseller you enter the competition from a wide door.

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